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Nullsoft - Winamp Media Player 5.56

Nullsoft Winamp Media Player is popular choice of media player for nusic use.
Additional plug-ins allow users to change audio EQ, effects and much more.
Used with DirectShow enabled along side the Cole2k Media Codec Pack's the players become a very powerful and simple means of media playeback.

Winamp Media Player 5.56 Standard
Size: 9.8mb

Download Direct

MD5 Checksums: eb08348a1c6b1c85e2d706bb5c3e898c

Winamp Media Player 5.56 Lite
Size: 6.73mb

Download Direct

MD5 Checksums: d2a2e5aa45511c590e0e512de1809517

Note: The MD5 Checksum is for file checking, it is not a serial number or product key.

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